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PowerBreeze™ Multi-Function Fan - for Camping or at Home

PowerBreeze™ Multi-Function Fan - for Camping or at Home

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The PowerBreeze™ Multi-Function Fan may just be the world's most versatile appliance - a battery-powered cooling, lighting and charging system that's the perfect companion on the road or at home.

electric fan for camping or at home

Looking for a desk-mounted refreshing breeze to cool off your workplace?  Check.

tripod mounted battery powered fan

How about a celing-mounted fan or chandelier to cool and brighten a warm evening in your backyard or the patio?  Check.

battery powered light and fan hangs from ceiling

How about a wireless fan to cool and provide night lighting to your camping site?  Check.

Portable battery powered light for camping

How about a portable charger to keep your mobile phone or other devices working seamlessly?  Check.

Featuring a sleek and modern design with a solid detachable aluminum alloy tripod, the  PowerBreeze™ exudes an air of high-end quality and durability. 

It's equipped with an advanced 10000mAh polymer lithium battery that lasts for hours, making it a reliable power source during your outdoor adventures or emergencies.

The PowerBreeze's™compact size and tripod allow for portability and effortless setup, free of the need to hassle with wires or an external power source.

With the convenience of it's 3-mode timing and lighting functions, you can customize the fan's operation to suit your needs, all as its high-quality silent motor delivers a refreshing breeze without disruptive noise. 

The PowerBreeze™ Multi-Function Fan comes in a sleek white/dark grey color combination, making it a stylish addition to any setting.

Each package includes the fan host, tripod, hook, and Type-C cable for effortless usage right out of the box.

Get ready to embrace a new level of convenience and comfort with the PowerBreeze™ Multi-Function Fan – your go-to solution for versatile cooling, lighting, and charging needs wherever you are!

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