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Radiant Dezigns

RadiantDezigns Magnetic Car Cell Phone Holder by Baseus

RadiantDezigns Magnetic Car Cell Phone Holder by Baseus

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Tired of fumbling around with your phone while navigating busy streets?

Say goodbye to distractions and unsafe driving habits with the RadiantDezigns Magnetic Car Cell Phone Holder.  

This equisitely-engineered solution is compatible with iPhone, Samsung and other leading cell phones, and ensures your phone will always be within reach and securely held in place.

360-Degree Convenience: The Baseus Car Phone Holder brings your phone to life with its 360-degree magnetic attraction. 

Intuitive & Effortless Installation: Small & portable, the RadiantDezigns Magnetic Car Cell Phone Holder can be installed in minutes, making it the ultimate hassle-free addition to your vehicle.  

One Hand Access & Operation:  Simply attach your device to the air vent mount or other convenient location, and enjoy easy hands-free access to GPS, your favorite music and more. 

Sleek Design & Color Options:  The Magnetic Phone Holder features a sleek modern look and a variety of color options to suit your taste & environment.

Unrivaled Craftsmanship: Precisely engineered by trusted industry leader Baseus from high quality materials, the Phone Holder features powerful magnetic forces that clamp tightly to your phone, as well as a super-strong aluminum alloy structure and scratch resistant rubber which ensures durability and protection for your equipment.

 If you’re looking to reduce distraction and add hands-free safety to your driving, the RadiantDezigns Magnetic Car Cell Phone Holder is for you.  It's the perfect holiday gift for friends and loved ones.

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