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RadiantGlow™ Solar Water Fountain

RadiantGlow™ Solar Water Fountain

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Looking for a solar water fountain for your garden or pond? Look no further than the RadiantGlow™ Solar Water Fountain!

This stylish and functional fountain is perfect for adding a touch of elegance and excitement to your outdoor space. Powered by solar energy, this product is eco-friendly and easy to use.

Simply place the solar panel in direct sunlight and let the water pump do its job. The built-in lithium battery pack stores enough energy to run the powerful motor and keep the fountain running for hours, even on cloudy days.

Forget plugs, batteries and switches.  The RadiantBloom Solar Water Fountain is self-contained.  Just set it up in the sun to charge and watch it go!

Featuring bright lotus flowers and multi-colored lights, the RadiantGlow™ Solar Water Fountain will transform any outdoor space into an enchanting garden.

Product Specifications:
Product weight: 315 grams with packaging
Packing size: 17.5*17.5*4.5cm

Water pump voltage: 7V
Pump power: 1.0W
Maximum flow: 190L/H
Maximum lift: 110cm
Maximum spray height: 65cm
Solar panel voltage: 7V
PET lamination technology:
Product list: Solar water pump X 1, Nozzles X 6, Nozzle base X 1, Adapter X 1, Manual X 1, Anti-collision struts X 4
Service life: ≥10000Hours
Working hours: 8:00A.M.-5:00P.M.
Startup: The pump cannot work without sunlight, when the pump receives sufficient sunlight, the pump will start up within 3 seconds.

Solar panel power: 1.0W
Solar panel size: 130mm (monocrystalline silicon)

Solar panel power: 1.5W
Solar panel size: 160mm (monocrystalline silicon)

Solar panel voltage: 4.5V
Solar panel power: 3.5W
Solar panel size: 160mm (diameter 160MM,)
Number of colorful lights: 7 LED breathing colorful lights (automatically change color)
Color of strut: White, Black

Water pump:
Water pump voltage: DC 4.5V
Pump power: 1.0W
Equipped with anti-dry burning: Yes, anti-dry burning is integrated with the control panel
Maximum lift: 130cm
Maximum flow: 240L/H
The most spray height: 60cm

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