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SunFlexive™ Foldable Solar Charger

SunFlexive™ Foldable Solar Charger

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Introducing the SunFlexive™ Foldable Solar Charger, the Perfect Partner to Supercharge your Outdoor Adventures! 

Light, portable and flexible, the SunFlexive™ Solar Charger Panel is made of high-quality and environmentally-friendly materials, with the power to charge your phone and other mobile devices.

Featuring a  compact super-flexible design that can easily thrown into a backpack or car, the SunFlexive™ Foldable Solar Charger is also waterproof and durable, making it ideal for camping, hiking and any other outdoor activities. 

Brilliantly engineered with sun-sensitive components,  the SunFlexive™ Charger Panel coverts sunlight into electrical energy with effortless efficiency. Even on cloudy days, it will provide a steady stream of power for your mobile devices.

Choose the SunFlexive™ panel size and power that's best for you, and enjoy the freedom of having your own Solar Power Generation Station when you're on the go!

  • Type 1(10.5W-6Z)
  • Open size: 670*145MM
  • Folded size: 150*95*30MM 

  • Type 2 (6V6W) 


  • Type 3 (20W 5V) 
  • Open size: 440*165*3MM 
  • Folded size: 165*105*20MM


  • Type 4 (5W 5V)
  • Open size: 385*185*3MM 
  • Folded size: 185*115*20MM


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