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Radiant Dezigns

RadiantGlow™ Hexagon Wall-Art Lights

RadiantGlow™ Hexagon Wall-Art Lights

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Introducing RadiantGlow™ Hexagon Wall-Art Lights, an artistic showstopper that will turn your living spaces into an ever-changing gallery of light!

Whether you're looking to add an exciting vibe to a party or holiday gathering, or simply create an enchanting atmosphere for a relaxing evening at home, these multicolor LEDs are the way to go.

What sets RadiantGlow™ Hexagon Wall-Art Lights apart is their high quality, versatility and creativity. Thanks to their unique modular design, you can arrange the hexagon panels in any configuration, whether it's a geometric pattern, a flowing wave, or a random arrangement that reflects your artistic vision. 

Advanced dream color technology allows your Hexagon Wall-Art dislays to dynamically display multiple colors at the same time. Interesting built-in modes powered by Bluetooth or WIFI options allow you to enjoy music controled syncopated light shows, or 60 preset scenes/music modes, dimming, speed, music/sound active and timing functions. 

Energy-efficient and operated by a remote control or mobile phone, these lights can be easily mounted on walls, desks or any surface, making installation a breeze. 


From soothing gradients to dynamic pulsating patterns of varying brightness, the possibilities created by RadiantGlow™ Hexagon Wall-Art Lights are endless. 

Unleash your inner artist and add a touch of magic to your world with RadiantGlow™ Hexagon Wall-Art Lights!

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