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TurboBot™ Stunt Twister & Mountain Climbing Car

TurboBot™ Stunt Twister & Mountain Climbing Car

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There's no Question:  The TurboBot™ Stunt Twister & Mountain Climbing Car is the ultimate thrill machine for adventurous kids and grownups of all ages!  

Equipped with a powerful, responsive steering and throttle system, the TurboBot'™ Stunt Car provides unparalleled mobility and stunt options.

Included in the box are two 2.4 GHz Control Systems - a comfortable traditional-style remote as well as a handy transmitter you can wear on your wrist.  Both ensure superior control over the car's every move. No terrain is too challenging for this beast!

Powered by a high-capacity rechargeable battery, the TurboBot™ Stunt Car delivers non-stop action. Fully charged in just 120 minutes, it provides 20-30 minutes of heart-pounding action. Feel the adrenaline rush as you reach speeds of 9-12 miles per hour, making every drive an exhilarating experience.

This endlessly surprising and versatile machine features two operating modes. In the on-road mode, conquer flat terrains and enjoy high-speed performance.

Switch to off-road mode to navigate rugged landscapes and climb over obstacles like a pro. The car's four-wheel drive and dual motors ensure optimal power torque, guaranteeing stability and agility in any environment.

Crashworthy non-slip tires equipped with shockproof gaskets make the TurboBot™ Stunt Car unstoppable.  The hollow rubber wheels absorb shocks, enabling the car to drive smoothly and conquer obstacles with ease.

Expertly crafted by for strength and durability, the TurboBot™ Stunt Car comes with everything you need to conquer the road without delay.

The TurboBot™ Stunt Twister & Mountain Climbing Car is not just a toy.  It's a sophisticated 21st Century machine built for adventure, day and night.  

Whether you're performing jaw-dropping stunts or tackling rough terrains, this car delivers excitement at every turn.

Let your imagination run wild and create unforgettable memories with the TurboBot™ Stunt Twister & Mountain Climbing Car.  Get ready to rev up the excitement!

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