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Tan Cress

RainbowBreeze™ Mosaic Essential Oil Diffuser

RainbowBreeze™ Mosaic Essential Oil Diffuser

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Experience the exquisite fusion of art and aromatherapy with the RainbowBreeze™ Mosaic Essential Oil Diffuser. 

Hidden inside the exquisite hand-crafted mosaic exterior is an ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser which needs only 1 to 2 drops of essential oil to infuse your space with a scented cool mist.

The Diffuser is easy to set up and use.  A single button allows you to choose between continuous or intermittent misting, while the Whisper Quiet technology ensures a serene atmosphere that will uplift your senses.  

Whether you're working, relaxing or meditating, the RainbowBreeze™ Mosaic Essential Oil Diffuser will add a unique visual accent to your environment as it fills your space with a tranquil lightly-scented mist. 

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