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Radiant Dezigns

RadiantGlow™ Solar Safety Lights - for Stairs & Decks

RadiantGlow™ Solar Safety Lights - for Stairs & Decks

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Create a Safe and Enchanting Environment with RadiantGlow™ Solar Safety Lights, designed specifically for Stairs & Decks.

Powered by solar energy, they automatically activate after sunset, bringing a warming and secure glow to your outdoor spaces. 

Providing up to 10 hours of illumination on a single solar charge, RadiantGlow™ Solar Safety Lights will safely guide your way up stairs, on decks or other outdoor pathways.

Easy to install and designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, these durable, eco-friendly lights will bring safety, security and a classic illuminating touch to your outdoor spaces!

Product Information:
Technical Details
Item Weight:50G/PC
Color: As Shown
Power Source:‎Solar Powered
Voltage:‎1.2 Volts
Type of Bulb:Led
Mounting Type:Deck
Battery Cell Type:‎NiMH
Package Dimensions:7.72 x 4.69 x 3.5 inches

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